Hello everyone,

I'd like to disclaim a thing or two before I proceed-- I do not intend this to be 'spam' or whatever. And if you're going to convince yourself that it is-- then you can go crap your pants.

Anyhow, I've created a nice little Yahoo Group called Adopt-A-Best-Friend,

The basic premise of the group is that we're all best friends!!! That is not to say that we all knew eachother before joining; when you join, you are thereby the best friend of everyone in the group. Sound special? You bet it is.

I just thought at that least someone in this group would perhaps/possibly/maybe like to join, or at least go and see what it's like?
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Pain is my consort, every night she lays by my side,my lover, she cuts my soul inside,
kisses the blood from my eyes.
Pain is my best friend, she comforts me with lies,
my mother and my sister, the family I’ll always know.
Pain is my master and she teaches me to be alone,
my servant to come when I call.
Pain is my most hated enemy of all,
yet the most loved of all, my pain,
she hates me just as I do the same.
Pain keeps me strong, she makes me weak,
pain makes sure it’s for happiness I seek.
Pain is my consort of loneliness, and I’m sure:
I love her, I hate her, I need her.
Pain will be my last love.
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This is not what I do

(no subject)

I feel like everything's spinning around me, I feel constricted, like the walls are crashing down, all this shit is going on, and all of it seems to be connceted to me one way or another...I feel like breaking down and crying, yet I'm not sure exactly why...everything's fuzzy, like looking through glass...I got up, and I couldn't walk straight, I was stumbling, I can't stay still....I just want...stillness...if even for a moment...
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This is not what I do

A Long Way Down

It's okay to frown
After all, it's a long way down
This hole I'm falling through
You'd be scared if you knew what I do
There's no way to get free
This is the way it's gonna be
As it turns dark it also turns deep
My emotions build up in a heap
I don't mind being a disgrace
I just need to get back to the place
Where all of this started from
Last time I was there I didn't know what would come
And there's still a long way down
until I hit the ground

a poem i wrote like two years ago...fits how i feel now..
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(no subject)

I'm tired of people around here and their bullshit. No one knows what they believe in because they are too ignorant to research their so called "beliefs"
sorry, i felt that i needed to vent
This is not what I do

~Le Intro~

Name: Kat
Age: 16 (as of a few days ago...)
Location: So Cal
Disorders: I think I'm Bipolar...

Heya! I'm! yeah...I write poetry/songs...not very good ones...but hey it helps...and I also tend to have masochistic tendencies...I love to read and watch anime...and am often sleep deprived (suffered isomnia my whole life...)oh and one last thing, music is probably one of my biggest muses I love: Aerosmith, Nirvana, David Bowie, Tori Amos, Alanis Morrisette, Staind (see icon)Linkin Park, Nine inch nails, etc. etc.
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My intro...

well, since I started this community I should have an intro myself:
name:Christina, but everyone calls me kira
age: 17
gender: femme
location: boone, NC
psychological/social disordes:well i really dont want to talk about them all, I have a site thing I made that explains it all:
to see it click here.
When you go there click on the thing that says "psycho?"

well, that 'tis all for now from me.

I'll intro too...

...since everybody else is doing it.
I'm Kelly (I insist that it's a female name!), 22 (barely), Arizona (now). I was born in KY, reared in VA between 5 and 17. I come from (and OUT of) a severely fundamentalist Christian background which, along with my parents, has given me problems with guilt and shame. I'm still battling with a lot of childhood issues. I suffer from unexplained and undiagnosed moodswings. I had a problem with mild SI as a kid (ages 8-14) and had a relapse earlier this year, but I'm doing OK with it now. Right now I'm in an "up" cycle, which means I'll be in a good mood 75-85% of the time for a few months. I'm studying psychology at ASU here in Tempe, trying desperately to figure myself out, and I have no idea what I'll do next. Nice to meet all of you!