you're not the only cuddly toy (neferkiti) wrote in paineddreams,
you're not the only cuddly toy

I'll intro too...

...since everybody else is doing it.
I'm Kelly (I insist that it's a female name!), 22 (barely), Arizona (now). I was born in KY, reared in VA between 5 and 17. I come from (and OUT of) a severely fundamentalist Christian background which, along with my parents, has given me problems with guilt and shame. I'm still battling with a lot of childhood issues. I suffer from unexplained and undiagnosed moodswings. I had a problem with mild SI as a kid (ages 8-14) and had a relapse earlier this year, but I'm doing OK with it now. Right now I'm in an "up" cycle, which means I'll be in a good mood 75-85% of the time for a few months. I'm studying psychology at ASU here in Tempe, trying desperately to figure myself out, and I have no idea what I'll do next. Nice to meet all of you!
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